Review of “Kali” the New Moana Movie

The forthcoming release of the movie “Moana” which is written and directed by Henry Selick will be great fun for kids and adults alike. It’s an animated children’s movie based on the book written by Kiyan Lee. Although, it is not exactly a family-oriented film. But that does not mean it isn’t worth a watch – it is most definitely a great watch for all age groups. So, here is some important information about the film that you might find interesting.

moana movie

Moana is a young Polynesian woman who lives in Maui with her two brothers. Her father has always been a loving and dedicated person. However, he dies while trying to give his only daughter away to someone who does not care for him. Swallowed by anger and grief, Moana flees from her home and begins a quest to find her beloved father who she loves. Along the way, she meets up with a large tribe of native people, who know more about the world than Moana does.

Although the film has some colorful Hawaiian scenery, it is primarily an adventure picture. There are some beautiful underwater scenes, but they are not what this film is all about. The main theme in the film is the importance of family and relationships.

Although the story is about a young girl starting out on her own, she quickly grows into a strong, mature woman who is respectful of her elders as well as those she chooses to associate herself with. It is interesting to follow Moana as she interacts with others. She has a distinct look and mannerism that immediately make you think of a modern Polynesian. When we first see her, she is wearing a short dress that barely covers her feet. And, after a brief introduction, we learn that she is a Hawaiian princess.

One of the primary characters, Maui, has a big, open belly that is easily noticeable because it is covered by a white sailboat. His best friend, Kintaro, refers to him as, “That big bad fish.” Ironically, however, this big bad fish is Moana’s uncle. We soon learn that Moana must learn to deal with uncle Kintaro, who is a much bigger problem in the background.

Another good thing about the film is the acting. Maui and Kintaro are both great actors. The supporting cast is also very nice. They all simply do their jobs and make the scenes work. The real star of the show, though, is Moana herself.

The musical score is excellent. The tunes are lively and upbeat, complementing the visual elements very nicely. The visual elements include Moana’s large, live-in aquarium. It looks like something out of a ‘How the Grinch Stole Christmas’ children’s movie. There are also some other creatures in the tank…

Overall, a highly enjoyable film. I give it an average rating for trying. It may not be for everyone, but then again, it may just be the ticket for those looking for a comical, Disney-themed animated Hawaiian fantasy film. If you’re looking for a light-hearted and somewhat humorous film with some good animation and a good story, then you might want to check this one out. It’s definitely worth a look.

Hopefully, by now you’ve seen or at least heard the trailers. The real question is…is “Kali” the real star of this film? Judging from the trailers and the first few minutes of the film itself, it seems as if she might be. The problem is, what does she have to do with it? Well, that’s another matter entirely.

As with most animated films, there is very little character development. The moana has a human friend and companion (Kenny), but apart from that, there is really not much more to this story. In fact, the storyline is very similar to that of Finding Nemo, though that film was focused on the fish-out-of-water adventure. So, is “Kali” a good film? It most certainly is.

As someone who grew up loving the animated Disney movies, I was excited to see “Kali”. Not only did I get to see my favorite characters in this new release…I got to see an amazing live-action version! And I thought it was great. Everyone involved with the production has done a great job, bringing to life a new version of the mythology of “The Princess and the Frog” while still providing some of the best animation to be found in today’s market.