Why Did Moana Leave the Island?

One of the funniest shows on TV is “Why Did Moana Leave the Island?” The storyline is that Moana, a native of the fictional island of Hawaii, left to explore other lands. But she quickly discovered that her new home, an archipelago of eight islands, was under attack from evil natives who wanted Moana dead […]

Where is Moana From?

One of the most well known animated Disney princesses, Moana the Pepe is a 16-year-old who lives on a palm tree on the island of Moai. Although Moana was originally from the fictional green island Motunui, many 3,000-year-old stories have been derived about Moana’s home on earth. From her birthright to live on an island, […]

What is Moana’s Island?

What is Moana’s Island? One of the most popular things about Maui, Hawaii is the place where the famous Mahi fish swim. Even though Maui is just a small vacation spot on the big island of Hawaii, there are still many things that people love to do there. So it is no wonder why it […]