Why Did Moana Leave the Island?

The famous book, “Book of Life in Hawaii” by Kenmalan Kauff, charts the journey of Moana, a native of the Maui Island. Moana was the daughter of chief Limahuli Kamehameha. As a child, Moana learned about her deceased father and Moana lived for many years with her two brothers. However, Moana’s greatest passion had been to see her beloved father on the earth again. As she grew older, she began to dream of leaving the island to return to her homeland.

why did moana leave the island

The story of Moana in the book starts when she was only a teenager. One day while Moana was playing at the legs, a white lee passed by and stopped to help Moana. As Moana assisted the white lee, a woman carrying a basket of flowers approached Moana. The woman asked Moana to marry her. Moana refused the offer but the woman insisted that if Moana would marry her, she will give up all her dreams and wishes to see her father again.

When Moana turned sixteen, on her birthday, on the day of her wedding to Hanishoalo (her future husband), Moana’s father sent her on a three-day sailing voyage to Oahu, a beautiful island off the coast of Hawaii. There Moana met a princess by the name of Kapiolani. This princess was the daughter of Na’vi and lived on the island of Maui.

The princess invited Moana to accompany her back to the mainland. On the third day, Moana arrived on Oahu and set off to the princess’s house. Unfortunately, on the way, the princess and Moana became lost in the dark jungle. This led Moana into the arms of another woman, Kilauea, who seduced Moana. Shortly thereafter, Moana was kidnapped by this princess and taken to a mountain temple to be trained for warrior activities. Although Moana managed to escape from the temple on the third day, she was taken to the place where her captor resided.

This is the story that was told in the book and shown in the movie “Kali: Prince of Thieves”. It was soon revealed that Moana had been tricked into leaving the island by her stepmother, Ona. Once Moana escaped from the island, Ona and her other evil sisters hunted Moana. Moana finally decided to return to live with her father on Oahu while her father returned to his ship to find a way to rescue Moana.

What happened to Moana on Oahu was revealed in the book, and the next time Moana was seen on the island it was in a place very far away from her father’s home on Oahu. Her father was very upset at his stepdaughter not returning to him. He immediately sought out Moana’s father in order to help him get Moana back. The stepfather tried several ways to get his hands on Moana, but he was continually turned down.

After Moana’s father went to Hawaii to look for her, he met Moana’s mother, Alida. Alida wanted nothing to do with her daughter, but Moana’s father treated her like his only child. Alida also tried to get Moana’s hand over her heart, but Moana would not give up. Alida felt that Moana had always been more interested in getting a rich man than in caring for her mother and stepmother. When Moana’s father found out about Alida trying to contact Moana, he hired a detective to track Alida down. The detective discovered Alida’s body, and Moana ran off to look for her.

In the movie, after Moana’s parents were killed during a mugging, Moana traveled to Hawaii to live with her aunt and uncle. After her parents passed away, Moana moved into the mainland, and now she decided to learn how to be a mermaid. The plot of the movie differs from the story in the book in many ways, most notably in how Moana comes to understand why did Moana leave the island in the first place. Unlike in the book, in the movie Moana goes on to learn that she was cursed while on the island. This is the source of her passion for being a mermaid.