Where is Moana? – An All Over Hawaiian Adventure

Where is Moana set? The movie’s plot revolves around a Polynesian lagoon. When a volcano sends out an eruption, it makes Moana (Sandra Oh) fall into the lagoon and become stranded with her boyfriend, Posey (Brad Pitt), and his two assistants, Kiki (Abbey Miller) and Pepper (Haylie Duff). Moana, though, thinks she is still at the top of the world. That’s why she is determined to get to the top of the world, even if it means going on a dangerous mission to save her friend’s family from a vicious tribe of pirates.

where is moana set

Who knows what really happened on the island? There are too many legends and myths surrounding the plot to ignore. For one, Moana doesn’t have a father because he was sold into slavery as a boy, and his real name is Mano Juan. He managed to free himself through some magic, which made him able to convince his master to let him go home to Hawaii so he could be raised there with his son, Kiara (IA Marlow), whom he misses so much.

Aside, from her background, what interests you about Moana, other than her exotic background, is that she has this magical power to transform herself into any animal form she wants to be. She can transform herself into a pig, a frog, a salmon, and even a tiger! She can do all these things without hurting anybody and she does it amazingly well. It is her ability to make herself into whatever animal she wants that makes the most interesting part of the film. It is one thing for a child to be able to do this, but it is quite another for a grown woman to do it without struggling to do it!

But where is Moana during all these crazy adventures? One of the places that will surely charm you about Moana is the set of Islands of Adventure in Aloha, Hawaii. In this location, children can visit and even ride on a roller coaster, go swimming, and go to the beaches. It is a great place to take the family especially during the summer months when the weather becomes hot.

The other thing that is really special about Where is Moana is the back drop of the Disney’s Studios. This set includes a new rendering of the Polynesian village of Oahu. Here, tourists can see some of the culture of Hawaii at its best. It is very inspiring to know that even if a thousand years have passed, the people of Oahu can still respect their culture and value it the way it was when their ancestors first arrived on this island.

The Where is Moana set is pretty small compared to the other Disney vacation packages out there. However, it is more of a set than an actual location. That is why it is recommended that you do not expect to find many characters inside. In fact, there are only four characters to be found around most of the main island. But don’t worry because Moana does make an appearance as she travels around to help her friends along her journey.

What makes Where is Moana such a nice place to visit is that it provides you with hours of entertainment. You can find out where Moana’s father lives by the way she answers a question in one scene. There is also a volcano that Moana can go to called lava tube. Both kids and adults will enjoy going down this tube and seeing all of the amazing sights it has to offer.

When you visit Where is Moana, you should keep in mind that the island is pretty small. The water is not deep enough to go too deep into the ocean, so it will be better if you take a boat ride up to the island. Another fun part of this trip is that Moana can be seen on the big screen in the beginning of the movie. This is sure to make your adventure even better.