What Island Is Moana Supposed To Be On?

One of the most popular children’s characters in the Disney films is Moana, a Polynesian princess who was born on an Isla that makes her home on the Hawaiian Island of Oahu. Moana is always looking for new islands for them to explore and she can often be seen paddling away on her magic canoe. She and her dog are friendly and happy although it can be said that she may be a little jealous of the animals she lives with. This is just one of the complaints that her fans have with the character. But what island is Moana supposed to be on?

what island is moana supposed to be on

Is Moana supposed to be on the Island of Oahu? It does say so on the Moana commercial, and there seems to be some basis for this. Moana lives on the sunny side of Oahu and is often shown playing in the sand at one of the beach resorts. However it is not clear from what she is looking at and where she is looking at it. It could be a lagoon, a lake or possibly a lagoon surrounded by rocks. It is also said that Moana can speak Hawaii, which could explain why she is talking to Pooh in one scene in the movie, as she is studying the birds’ songs.

There is no suggestion in the film or in the book that Moana ever goes anywhere else besides on Oahu. When confronted with evidence that she is not where she claims to be, Moana will reply “I don’t know. I only live where the water flows.” Which location does she consider to be on the Island of Oahu?

The second most popular question asked about what island is moana supposed to be on is what island is Santa Claus supposed to be on. According to the original legend, Santa Claus was born on an island by a mermaid and stayed on the same island for twelve whole years. This raises the question of whether he made any appearances on any other Hawaiian Islands aside from the one he lives on now, which is Kauai. If this is true, then there’s no way of knowing where Santa Claus actually is.

Nobody knows where Moana lives either, but there is a likelihood that she may have once been a chief of a tribe on Kauai along with her father. She may also have been the wife of Lungu, the god of death. Moana is sometimes described as a dark skinned girl with long black hair, whereas Lungu is often depicted as pale. The two are described as living on the Aloha Island of Hawaii, but it could be that they are both deceased, which would make Moana their rightful ruler of the island, as she is the daughter of the chief of the deceased tribe.

If Moana did in fact live on Kauai, we can presume that she would have brought her children with her on Kauai when she took over as the ali chief after her father died. It is therefore reasonable to assume that Moana’s children may also live on Kauai as well, although this has never been confirmed. The only other Hawaiian Island that has been mentioned in relation to Moana’s nationality is Oahu. Nobody is quite sure where Oahu’s Moana came from, or why she was given this name, but it would be reasonable to assume that it is related to Moana’s native loon (Oahu is pronounced ” MO-na”).

Nobody really knows where Moana is supposed to be on Oahu, although it would not be surprising if she lived on the southern end of the island. However, it could also be possible that Moana is not supposed to be on Oahu at all, and that she was born somewhere else entirely. One such possibility would be the Sandwich Islands, which are a group of small islands in the Northern Pacific off the coast of North Carolina. These islands are often referred to as “Peninsular Micronesia,” and there is reason to believe that Moana was once part of this group.

So, back to the original question: what island is moana supposed to be on? It seems reasonable to assume that she lives on Kauai, but there are several problems with this theory. For one thing, no fresh fish are likely to be found on Kauai, because the waters round Kauai are too deep for fresh fish to survive. The shallow waters around Oahu may be good for snorkeling, but it is not likely that Moana would swim there. And even if she did make it out of the water, there is no real proof that she can swim.