The History of the Isaaeha Kahuna – A Princess Who Was Calling a Naga Queen

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The History of the Isaaeha Kahuna – A Princess Who Was Calling a Naga Queen

The story of the life of Isaaeha Kahi is as colorful as can be imagined. The young woman, who we know as Isaaeha had many suitors. She was a favorite among the courtiers and everyone loved her for it.

But behind the lovely exterior, there was a girl full of spirit. She was the daughter of Kingua whom Naiaha quested for. She was born of a royal family and was thought to be a favored child of the king. Everyone adored Isaaeha, but there were people in the royal court who did not approve of her marriage with the commoners.

One day, Istaaeha came to a sad end. Kingua passed away and a new king was crowned in his honor. However, before he could crown his son, the elders and other leaders declared that Naiaha was not worthy to be the wife of the king.

Kingua sent Istaaeha to live at the Leeward side so that she could at least attend to her duties of pleasing the gods. When she arrived, her new king took very good care of her. He gave her all the luxuries of a lady and even had her perform several ceremonies for him. Among the many rituals she was supposed to perform, she was also to be a cook for Naiaha’s guests. However, because she was not contented with this, she went ahead and declared that she would not cook for any man, whatever be their rank in the society.

The people in her path were very annoyed by this and they made complaints to the elders of the kingdom. They reported that they did not recognize a cook from among those who were privileged to receive gifts. So this created a hornet’s nest around Istaaeha. They cursed her for her insolence and asked for judgment to be passed on her.

Soon thereafter, disaster struck. The Naga tribe that lived in the area were very jealous of the royalties living in the shade of the palm trees. They decided to attack Isaaeha, intending to kill her and take her dowry. But Naiaha had an idea of how ruthless the Naga were and she decided to defend herself.

She conjured up a storm that blew up the sand. This covered the heads of the Naga and allowed her to flee to the safety of her mother’s home. From there, she gathered the forces of the village’s people. She then gathered the strength of the neighboring tribes and formed a defensive force. This she sent into the Naga camp to fight against them.

But Naiaha found herself in an enemy’s ambush. She was attacked by warriors of the Naga tribe. But Naiaha managed to fight them off using the skills she’d been trained by her mother. The elders of the village were amazed at how she’d been able to defeat such forces without weapons. Thus, they forgave Naiaha for her past misdeeds and gave her the respect she deserved as a princess of their tribe.