The Greatest Film of 2021 – Moana

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The Greatest Film of 2021 – Moana

The story of the Moana Movie is one that is part love story and part adventure. When a young couple is thrown into deep water by their son, a powerful tsunami causes much destruction. The couple lives alone in the wrecked house and they must use all of their strength to survive. As they do so, they encounter other natives who have also had to experience a similar fate and learn to persevere.

Nominees for an Academy Award for Best Picture were both Walt Disney and Legendary Entertainment. However, despite the great ensemble cast, the movie was not at the height of its popularity. Although it did perform well financially it never achieved the same level of critical acclaim as the other two movies. That is perhaps because it was not at the time considered a blockbuster.

In spite of that fact, the movie did receive numerous DVD releases. It reached number four on the charts. It was also made available on video. The video release was a major success due to the overwhelmingly positive reviews from critics. Even those who felt that the film was slow-moving failed to see the flaws and were enthralled with the storyline and the animation. People loved to watch the special effects and the beautifully painted scenes.

The Moana Movie took a different approach than any other animated movie of its time. Unlike many animated pictures before it, Moana featured a main character that was not an earthling. A Hawaiian native who was transformed into a human being by the spell of a volcano. This was an intriguing concept when compared to many other animated films of the time. Viewers found it far more appealing because they could relate to the character’s struggle with identity. No matter how hard Disney artists tried, there was nothing that could overcome the charm of this unique plot point.

A nominee for an Academy Award for Best Picture, William Lopez had been nominated previously for his song, “City of Angels”. But despite the great number of achievements and awards he had, “City of Angels” still failed to capture the affection of audiences. It is perhaps the most beautiful film ever made about a boy from Hawaii who transforms into a beautiful woman. But while the story and the acting may be the best in the film, Lopez does not receive the credit for his terrific contribution to the film. His contribution to the moana character was his drawing of Moana’s nose.

But what really makes Moana a classic is the lovable cast. Which brings us to the second major achievement of Walt Disney: the casting of Karen Allen as Moana. Allen has gone on to play other memorable characters such as Rapunzel in the computer-animated film, The Lion King and Tinkerbell in the live-action version. But her appearance in the first film established her as a leading role, one which could lead to future appearances in the film franchise. As Moana, Allen provides the typical animated girl with a loveable attitude, a mischievous attitude, and a caring attitude.

Aside from her appearance, Allen also brings a wonderful singing voice to the role of man. Her unique voice, provided by her live stage performance in Moana, easily puts tears on the viewers’ eyes as she sings with emotion throughout the entire film. Her unique voice is balanced by the lilt and passion in her words which are very reminiscent of an Indian soprano. In one instance, when she expresses her desire to meet her god, her words even have a tone of spirituality.

Overall, Moana is an extremely entertaining and emotional film. The animation style manages to capture the effect that one would only expect from a feature-length animated film. And the music, which is provided by Enya’s haunting original song, is just simply wonderful. With this, it is no wonder that Moana became one of the most popular films of 2021.