Review of the Disney’s Moana Movie

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Review of the Disney’s Moana Movie

Nominated for an Oscar, Moana is a live-action, animated Hawaiian-themed film directed by Lee Pace. Based on the book of the same name, it tells the story of Mona, a young woman from the Lakota tribe who finds herself thrown into a mystical realm after her mother is killed. Although Moana is talented and able, she overcomes her disability with the help of a Maui magician named prophesy. Playing the role of Moana, Diane Lane also brings her memorable role as Moira, a witch who works to keep the world safe.

The storyline of Moana is told in the first few minutes as the movie glides past most of the major plot points. Pace’s writing allows the audience to relax as she introduces new characters and delves into their back stories. It’s refreshing to see a Disney animated film that doesn’t try to reinvent the wheel. Instead, Moana uses its familiar story elements and delivers an entertaining and lively movie that is appropriate for children as well as adults.

Although Disney created a new universe of characters, most of the movie takes place on the island of Oahu. Although Hawaii is the main setting, other locales are included as well. The locals include Moana’s father, a well-intentioned but overly helpful priest played by Alex Cross (Chevy Chase) and Moana’s two best friends, Kiara (Annette Benning) and Kintaro (Brian Price). These characters prove to be a great support to Moana throughout her adventure.

Animation isn’t the strongest point of Moana. The special effects are forgettable and the special effects aren’t anything special compared to the rest of the Disney films. However, the visual appeal does help to make up for this shortcoming. The overall tone of the film is quite bright and enjoyable. The musical score is fitting for a film of this type.

Alex Cross is a good storyteller, but he doesn’t come through enough in his performance. He may be able to carry the story, but his character lacks depth. Other than this minor flaw, this movie isn’t too bad. It just doesn’t measure up to the other Disney movies made since the early 1980s.

What do I think of Moana? It’s a fun, entertaining movie. It has a light tone and lots of cute scenes. The storyline is interesting and keeps you guessing. What I do not like about the movie is that sometimes scenes don’t make complete sense. Sometimes it is obvious what is going on, but other times it’s not.

Overall, this is a decent movie. It is entertaining for children and adults. It is a Disney film, so expect some Disney elements. It will not be a very high caloric film and is not meant to be a weight loss film. Overall, this is a good watch. It just isn’t the greatest Moana movie out there.

This is a definite must-see film. If you’re an animation buff, this is a must-see film. It is a beautiful film that will not be boring. For those who don’t care for animation, this one is worth a try. Just remember, this is for children and parents must be present.

The plot of the movie is based on a true story. The Disney princess, Moana, comes from a tribe of people called Ni-ka-kau. The Ni-ka-kau was originally blessed with a magical lamp, which gives them the power of flight. When their homeland was invaded by wicked beings known as the Malaka (worms), Moana had no choice but to flee to distant lands in search for her family.

Although Moana is on a quest, she is not alone in her quest. She has a magical talking horse named Pococor, along with her dog Teedu. Together, they travel throughout the land. Moana is portrayed as a kindhearted, yet young girl. Her magic powers allow her to overcome the many obstacles that come her way. The other characters are shown as being intelligent and caring parents who love their daughter.

The animation is not perfect. There are some parts that are a little slow, but other times it is perfectly entertaining. I especially liked watching the part where Moana was disappointed that her father did not believe in her abilities. It makes you laugh when she is reminded of how silly her father was and what he said to her back when she was still a toddler.

Overall, the movie is great. It is a simple, yet memorable, fairy-tale story. It will make children excited about Moana the whole family can watch. For more information on the movie, including where to watch it, you can go to my blog.