Review of Moana Hawaiian Hotel

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Review of Moana Hawaiian Hotel

The exquisite island lifestyle of Hawaii is best experienced through the fine dining of Moana Hawaiian Hotel & Spa. Guests will be treated to breathtaking views of the ocean while enjoying some mouth watering Hawaiian delicacies at the Moana Hawaiian Food and Wine Bar. The Moana Hawaiian Kitchen serves guests with a variety of delectable dishes from breakfast, lunch, dinner and even special breakfast and snack menus. From this impressive restaurant, diners have a choice of over thirty different taps and one hundred and twenty-four glasses of wine. Guests can also indulge in Moana’s award winning cocktails, indulging in the ultimate tropical getaway with Moana Hawaiian Fountains and Moana Hawaiian Chamomile Tea.

The Mauka Bar at Moana is a fantastic place for those who wish to unwind after a long day of exploring the many cultural areas of the island. The Mauka Bar is perfect for both intimate and large group dinners and receptions. This restaurant offers a variety of seafood dishes from the most traditional fresh fish, chicken entrees, and pork to an assortment of sushi, stir fries, burgers and vegetarian dishes.

The Moana Marketplace on Kauai is another great option for shopping guests. Guests are free to browse through the wide selection of merchandise in the open air market located on Aloha Drive between the lanes of Kamala and Oahu. Guest can find some excellent deals on Hawaiian gifts, jewelry, native artwork, clothing, native artwork and much more. The Marketplace is open daily for shopping from noon until two in the afternoon. This is a wonderful spot for finding souvenirs and unique items for you and your friends and family back on the mainland.

Moana Hotel Kauai is conveniently located right on the oceanfront. This four star hotel offers rooms that are exquisite and elegant, and also offers a lovely lush garden. The hotel offers a complimentary breakfast each morning, and guests can relax and feel right at home. Moana Hotel Kauai is conveniently located right on the oceanfront. This four star hotel offers rooms that are exquisite and elegant, and also offers a lovely lush garden.

Guests will be delighted by the fresh and delicious seafood that they can enjoy at Hawaii hotels like Moana. The menu is full of fresh delicacies that are sure to please the taste buds. Guests can relax at the hotel’s spa or have a manicure and pedicure at the Salon. Both offer the guests lots of privacy as they get pampered. Guests enjoy the lovely cuisine at Moana while indulging in great service at Moana Hotel Kauai.

Moana’s pool is the place where guests can take a refreshing dip. Guests can also enjoy their favorite snacks at the beach-side bar. The bar offers exotic cocktails and different wines for guests to choose from. The bar serves some of the best steaks in town as well as some wonderful mixed drinks. The Moana Hawaiian Beach Club has 16 total rooms that are all perfect for entertaining.

Guests can relax at the hotel’s fitness center and have a classically styled pool. There are also a steam room and sauna. Guests who like to workout can also treat themselves to the Maui Sports Center. The Maui Sports Center offers weights and boxing equipment for the clients to use, and guests enjoy a variety of workouts in this gym.

The Moana Hawaiian Hotel offers many things for guests to do on their tour of Hawaii. Guests can participate in activities offered at the 21 different bars that are scattered throughout the resort. Guests can relax at the pool side bar and partake in live music. The Moana Hawaiian Hotel features the most authentic Hawaiian cuisine in town. Guests will love all of the features that Moana Hawaiian offers and they will return again to the beautiful island of Oahu.