Motunui Island Features Animation in Its Many Forms

motunui island

Motunui Island Features Animation in Its Many Forms

Journey to the exotic Hawaiian Islands with this amazing Surprise Feature Playset! Thrill your little ones with Moana the Sea Cow, followed by Pua the Ocean Dolphin, and surprise your guests with the mystical Polynesian Tiger. Facing Moana, Pua, and the mystical Polynesian tiger, there is simply no telling just how far this voyage will go! This interactive play sets sail on the open waters of Motunui Island and allows your little ones to experience these sea creatures as if they were really aboard a ship! If you have an adventurous spirit, be sure to visit this amazing play set before its closure.

Celebrate Motunui Island’s fiftieth anniversary with an incredible, eight-minute Surprise Feature Animation, “Moonscan of the Sea.” Watch as the waters of Motunui Island echo with laughter as this eight-minute data set plays, as colorful petals cascade from the water’s edge. After watching, record your own voice using a microphone included in the package, and transmit it to a voice recorder to capture the experience. Now, you can have the same experience while sailing in the soothing seas of Motunui Island.

This exciting eight-minute Motunui Island Facts playset comes with three small-scaled icebergs to cruise along with. These icebergs contain many surprises for the lucky individual who captures them. However, for those who would like to try for themselves, it requires 3 x AG13 button cell batteries, an AM/FM radio, and an ocean bag to store all of your collected catches.

This awesome Motunui Island Facts playset features the most Polynesian figures ever put to action on a Disney Cruise! The chief and mate are featured in their very own life size mural painted onto the front of the boat, which is located on the second deck. The interior of the boat has Polynesian artwork all over it, including the sacred pottery and carvings. On the aft deck, there is also a Polynesian style lounge area where you can relax with a cold drink. On this particular boat, only the captain and first officer have the authority to go below decks. All other crew members must stay on the dock.

Te Fiti, the Ancient Tahiti gods of wealth, is represented by statues on this deck. These gods of wealth sit at the head of a statue of a panther and are surrounded by a circle of Polynesian metal figures. Another figure in the background, a warrior, wears a large bow and arrowhead. In addition to being the most Polynesian of all the places on this ship, Te Fiti also happens to be the most expensive on board!

If the sight of Polynesian culture had left you spellbound, it is time for you to take a voyage to Motunui Island. The largest island of the Tahiti family, Motunui boasts over one hundred and twenty beaches. It also features lush rain forest canons and open plains. There are rivers, creeks, and gushing waterfalls to marvel at. Once you have soaked all of the beauty of the island, take a ride on the sailing ship that stops at various islands throughout the archipelago.

An all-hours joy for everyone, the Polynesian cruise allows you to witness the true colors of Polynesia. You will see the islands seascape while sipping on tropical cocktails from the bar at the front of the ship. After the cocktails, you can head to the dance floor where you will witness the best Polynesian dancers and musicians. The Oceania Lounge Bar features two palm trees, a flower arrangement center, a fishpond, and an oceanic fountain. Your cocktails and snacks will be served in front of a lively backdrop of dancers and a live band.

An adventure you must not miss when taking a ride on the ocean, the Motunui Island features the Ocean Adventure Park. This amazing park has numerous attractions, which will not only amaze you, but captivate your camera. A visit to this land of animation will give you a chance to view a wide array of sea animals, including, stingrays, whales sharks and octopuses. There are also many different forms of underwater communication with messages signs and dolphin signs. There are also several other marine life exhibits you will be able to view while strolling through the sandy beaches.