Moana Main Island Vacations

For visitors who want to check out the main Hawaiian Islands, the most obvious choice is Moana. The scenery and tourist atmosphere of Moana is truly a sight to behold. Located on Kauai’s Moana Coast, Moana is Moai’s big sister with the same sandy white beaches, fantastic marine life, and equally incredible dive sites. And, as with any other Hawaiian Islands vacation, Moana Maui tours are available to give you the best of the island experience.

moana main island

One of the most popular things about Moana is its great beach experience. The island features one of the longest stretches of white sand in the entire Pacific. With lots of room to stretch out and surf, Moana is perfect for families looking to spend some quality time together at the beach. With access to great diving and snorkeling, Moana has also become one of the top destinations for diver and marine enthusiasts in the world.

If you’re thinking of diving Moana, you’ll have two main options: either renting a guide or diving alone. Hiring a guide is a good idea if you’re less experienced and don’t know all of the dive areas and marine life yet. They can take you to some great hidden dive spots, including one known as the Queen Bays, which is off the West Maui side of Moana Maui. Another great area to dive in is the Wailua River in Waikiki. This is one area that’s closed to the general public, but is well worth taking a look at, especially for those new to scuba diving.

Another great way to get to the island is by air. Hawaiian airlines offer direct flights to Moana every day, although not all destinations are open to all airports. You can get to Moana by hopping onto one of the many Maui vacation packages offered by Hawaiian cruise lines. Some include airfare and cabin fare, depending on the package.

But if you’d rather skip the airplane and do it yourself, there are still plenty of ways to make the most out of your Moana vacation. The primary way to get around the island is with a rental car. Maui has one of the nation’s largest network of airports, making it easy to get to almost anywhere in Moana. Hertz rental cars even offer shuttle services from the airport to your hotel. If you’d rather drive yourself, there are plenty of roads to choose from, even around the resort itself.

There are plenty of hotels to choose from, too, so you can rest easy knowing you’ll be staying in a comfortable setting. You’ll have plenty of places to eat, too. Maui has an abundance of restaurants with locally owned franchises. Some of the more popular ones are located in Moana itself, such as Kapahulu and Papahu Restaurant. However, you should check out some of the other Hawaii hotels to see which ones offer the best deals.

For entertainment, Moana has a great nightlife. Kilauea’s Lounge is one of the hottest spots, boasting two bars and a stage for live music. Of course, Moana doesn’t offer the same nightlife that bigger tourist destinations like Oahu or the Big Island do. But, if you’re interested in having a few drinks and having a good time, you’ll find plenty of places to go after dark. Moana is one of those places where you never know what will happen on New Year’s Eve or New Year’s day. But, it’s fun all the same, which makes it one of the best reasons to take a trip to the Main Island this year.

The weather is also nice on Moana Main Island. It’s springtime here in Kauai, which helps make it a wonderful place to plan your vacation. With spring season lasting from March through November, it’s the perfect time to head to the island and explore everything that Moana has to offer. You could visit Kauai during one of those periods, or you could choose to extend your stay and spend some time on the Main Island instead. Whichever way you decide, there’s no doubt that you and your family will have a great time during your vacation on the island.