Maui Moana Island Vacation Packages

There is a lot to do on Maui and the Maui Island is one of them. You can spend days sailing on the large waves and lounging on the beaches and swimming in the blue water. If you want a little taste of culture and history in your vacation, there are plenty of museums to visit as well. There is the Fern Grotto, the Wailua River Valley, and Alau Beach where you can enjoy some quiet time, or you can go shopping or sample some of the fine items that are sold at the shops on the island.

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Maui has a rich heritage and there are plenty of great museums to visit. One of the most visited museums is the Maui Lincoln Theater. Built in the 1930’s this is a restored stage and it now houses hundreds of artifacts. There is also the Na Pali Lighthouse which can be seen from the beach next to the Lincoln Theater. It has been shuttled back and forth to and from the island on boats many times.

There are other great museums as well including the King Kamehameha Oahu Museum, the Aloha Anecho Museum, the Pearl Harbor Museum, and Maui History Museum. There are also historical societies that will tell you the full story of the Polynesian culture. If you like history you will love going to the Pearl Harbor Historical Center. They have air tours and a great time for everyone.

Maui has a tropical climate all year long so you can spend your vacation relaxing and sunbathing or enjoying the water sports. There are plenty of great resorts on Maui Moana Island to choose between as well as Maui condo rentals, beach house rentals, beach vacations, and hotel rentals. Whatever you decide to do during your vacation you will not be disappointed with the beautiful surroundings and the many activities on Maui Moana Island.

Most visitors on Maui Moana Island either choose to go hiking, biking, snorkeling, scuba diving, or golfing. You may even want to take a sailing or boating trip out to see some of the islands fabulous scenery. But if you really want to relax and be pampered, you will want to try one of the many Maui spa treatments that are available. Some of these treatments may even be performed right on the island of Maui.

You can book a private golf vacation for couples on Maui Moana Island if you would prefer to play golf while on vacation. Or you may decide to take a round of tennis or a round of billiards at one of the world class tennis courts on the island. The Maui fair is another place where you may be able to find activities to match any of your desires.

You can find an excellent range of lodging options available on the Maui Moana Island. Maui condo rentals are one choice for lodging on the island. Or you can stay at a Maui luxury resort or a Maui plantation rental. And of course, there are many other choices for lodging such as Maui Homestead and Spirit Mountain. You can also find Maui villas to rent as well.

There is something for everyone when you visit Maui Moana Island this summer. Take the time to explore all the different activities and adventures that Maui has to offer. You will surely have a great vacation. Why not plan your next vacation now? Contact the Sun Tours Group and reserve your rental condo in Maui today!

Visitors often book reservations months in advance, so be sure to check into your availability now. Once you do, you can start contacting the tour operators to book your Maui Moana tours and activities. If you are interested, you can also enjoy the fun-filled sports and activities in Hawaii on the Maui Hi-Road Motorcycle Trail. Do not forget to check out the picturesque sunset on the Big Island.

Maui is a great place for any family. Even children as young as five years old will have a great time exploring the island. They will love the swimming beaches and playgrounds. Maui is very family oriented and has plenty of things for kids to do. They can spend the day at one of the various zoos or aquariums or enjoy the various water activities and sports.

Of course, if you are looking for a romantic getaway, there are plenty of options for you to choose from on Maui Moana Island. There are two hotels on the island, The Wailua Resort and the Surfside Motel. Both offer modern amenities for couples on a budget. You can enjoy delicious Maui cuisine at the restaurants or at home. When it comes to resorts, these are more for those who want to relax, but still have a great deal to do on the island.