Four of the Best Motunui Island Activities You Can Try Out

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Four of the Best Motunui Island Activities You Can Try Out

If you are looking for a new and exciting way to travel during your next vacation, Motunui Island is the perfect place to explore. This Polynesian lagoon offers visitors the chance to experience a traditional Hawaiian culture that has long been part of the Polynesian culture. If you have never been to Motunui, do not be afraid to get out and experience what makes this place so unique. Motunui Island is located on Oahu’s western coast, about an hour south of Honolulu.

: Take a trip back in time with the Surprise Feature, inspired by Moana the Sea Princess. Facing the sea, this ocean wave playset includes eight pieces and is great for families or for adults just getting in a playful mood. Two characters act as keys to unlock floating sounds, music, lights, and swaying doorway.

: The Motunui Island Mystery Figure Skateboard is inspired by Moana the Sea Princess. Skateboard tricks include two wheels that change colors and can be used to make a wheelie. To top it all off, this mystery figure skates while moving from side to side! This skater’s outfit includes blue and white stripes and comes complete with a headband. The skater comes with his or her own music and can also be played by the whole family!

: The Motunui Island Shimmering Sand Articulator is inspired by Moana the Sea Princess. This plaything includes eight pieces and is great for larger children and adults. It works by tapping different colors and shapes on the surface of the sand and moving them around the shimmers to make patterns. The shimmers have light up sections and come with their own music and sound effects.

: The Motunui Island Flounder Petals Mystery Figure is perfect for a child’s room or a whimsical room in the home. This charming plaything features the characters of Moana and the sea where you landscape while two figures act out a game of tag. The two figures, with their corresponding flags, unlock music and flutter their wings as they move around the scene and perform a game of dance.

: The Motunui Island Wispy Wood Owl playsets come complete with adorable owls and flowers, along with the familiar character of Moana and her dolphin friend. The built-in swing sets allow two figures to engage in a swaying motion that features fluttering wings and other movements. For a fancier presentation, the two figures can be dressed in moose tuxedos and carry a wedding bag. When you unlock the fluttering door and enter, the two figures can then take flight and fly through the air just like a kite!

: The Motunui Island Peapod is an authentic representation of Polynesian culture where the Polynesian voyaging culture started. It comes with two figures and when you unlock its fluttering doors and enter, it will sing a song of remembrance. The two figures can then take flight again and fly through the air once again. The two figures can then return to the ground when the song has finished.

: A Tree of Life is a unique creation by award winning children’s entertainer Andy Ng. He uses the island to recreate the scenes found in a Polynesian village. The Tree of Life is made of a single coconut shell where the scene of a village would be. When you enter the scene, the tree then breaks and the coconut shell opens revealing the inside where a lively Polynesian village dweller is waiting for you. The Tree of Life also contains a treasure chest that will open once you feed him with a fruit.