Who can make a payday loan online?

Online payday loan is the ideal credit modality for those who need extra money to cover an emergency. In addition to being a type of credit with fewer restrictions for the release of money, in the online payday loan the customer manages to have the amount available in his account in up to 24 hours in some cases.

It is a simple and quick way to take out a loan, since the whole process of hiring the payday loan, including signing the contract and sending documents, is done online, through a computer, tablet or smartphone.

Who can make a payday loan online

To hire an online payday loan the basic conditions are: to be over 18 years old and not have the name dirty. Depending on the financial institution in which you choose to hire your payday loan online, these conditions may undergo some changes.

Those who are negative, for example, have some payday loan alternatives online, however, not all companies offer to those who are in debt and even those who lend, usually charge quite expensive for it.

Remember that even if you meet the criteria for taking out a payday loan online, you still need to undergo a credit analysis, which will prove whether or not you have conditions to pay for the amount you want to borrow. Only after this approval is the payday loan money online is released into your account.

In the online market, there are several alternatives to credit shops where you can hire your payday loan online, be they websites or applications. You can even make multiple quotes and compare the conditions offered before you effectively close a deal, all without leaving your home.

Another thing that should be taken into consideration is the security offered by the institution where you want to take out a payday loan online. Here are some of the care companies should take to offer a secure online payday loan to their clients.

  • Make no deposits: It is very common for people to fall into business scams that ask for bank deposits before the payday loan is released online. If this happens to you, report it immediately because you have a good chance that it will be a blow.
  • Find out if your site has an SSL certificate: This certificate is primarily responsible for encrypting data. That is, it ensures that all the information you provide at the time of signing up for the payday loan online will be protected and thereby reduce the risk of fraud.

In addition to the care listed, one of the steps in hiring the payday loan online is to send a selfie to the client to prove their identity. This measure ensures that no one can take out a loan on your behalf, which further increases the security of this process against any kind of scam.

Online payday loan: simulator

Online payday loan: simulator

The interest rate charged by the online payday loan is who will define how much you will pay for the amount you want to borrow. We have credit options ranging from $ 1 to $ 20 thousand, with rates starting at 3.99% per month, for example.

Use our simulator to calculate how much your payday loan will cost online. Just fill in the fields with your loan details and click ‘calculate’. Our tool is free and you can use it whenever you need it!